Avoid 4 mistakes while buying Electric Guitar

Electric guitar buying for beginners is not that easy especially when you have so many choices available with you. This electric guitar industry is huge as guitar tends to be the most played instrument of the music industry. So if you are a beginner and plan to buy an electric guitar, you need to be sure that what you need as a beginner. Mostly, beginners make the following five mistakes which you need not to make. Before you know about the mistakes, you need to understand that as a beginner, it is good to start from acoustic guitar rather than going to electric guitar directly. Given below is a brief description of electric and acoustic guitar for your understanding:

  1. Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar is one that uses traditional nylon strings and has no amplifier to amplify the sound. It has a hole which makes guitar sound alongwith the nylon strings.

  1. Electric Guitar

An electric guitar uses steel strings and has an external amplifier. It does not have a sound hole to produce/amplify sound. Electric guitars nowadays have many models and forms as these are the modern forms of guitar.

Now that you have understood the basic difference between electric and acoustic guitar, below are the mistakes that mostly people commit while buying electric guitars and which you should avoid:

  • Your choice of guitar should not be based on a high price. Mostly people think that if they buy a very costly electric guitar, it will definitely be helpful in their practice and as a beginner they can learn easily. The situation is totally opposite. As a beginner, you actually do not require a very high priced guitar. These costly guitars have variety of sound variations and effects which you need to learn at an advanced stage and not as a beginner. As a starter, you need to learn and understand the basics first for which a costly guitar is of no use. Its simply a waste of money.
  • Normally, beginners have their ideals in mind and try to copy them and get the same guitars which they use. This again is not the right approach. Your idols have reached that stage after a long practice and effort and hardwork. You simply cannot reach their level at your early stage and therefore using the same guitar, as they do, will not work for you. Again you will end up wasting your money and not getting out anything. Be humble and be wise and keep in mind that you are a starter and it will take time to reach to a certain stage and be able to use certain type of guitars.
  • Do not practice on acoustic guitars for long. Acoustic guitars must be started in the beginning but not be kept for long use. Actually acoustic guitars are the basic ones and need lot of effort to play them. So if you play them for long, your motivation level may drop and you may end up leaving this practice forever. So start with acoustic and then shift to electric guitar after sometime. So buy your guitar keeping in view this apporach.
  • Select a good guitar in normal price range keeping in view its size and body style. You need to also take into account the size of your hand. Sometimes it gets difficult to play wider body guitars with small hands. So buy the guitar which you think suits your hands and is not very price heavy. I would also advise that do not buy too cheap guitars because they do not produce a good quality sound and are very hard to play. Even if you are playing guitar nicely, a cheap guitar will not produce a good sound which will ultimately make you quit from guitar playing. A balanced guitar with proper size and shape with a balanced price is the one that you should be looking for as starter. Ofcourse you can buy modern and costly guitars at advanced stages of your training.

These are the 4 simple mistakes which you can avoid while buying your electric guitars in the beginning stages of your training.